Model your vision, demonstrate a better future

Experiment with the effects of tax and benefit policy reforms on your household, your state, and the country.

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Demonstrate your vision

See who benefits from your reform. FiscalSim can show you how after tax income, marginal tax rates, and average tax rates are affected for people of different income levels.

Tinker with and tweak results

Our easy-to-use system makes it simple to tinker with your experiment until you’ve achieved the best possible outcomes. See real-time impacts on:
  • Poverty rates
  • Inequality
  • After-tax income
  • State revenue
  • and more

Show your work

Unlike many other tax and benefit simulators, you can see exactly what’s under the FiscalSim hood. By going open-source, anyone can test assumptions and validate results for existing tax models, or use their own expertise to develop innovative policy solutions.

Democratize the policy process

Make fiscal policy work for people by giving them insight into the process and knowing ahead of time how changes will affect their pocketbooks.